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Have You Been Injured?

Was It You Fault?

In many cases it’s not.

In some cases it can be the fault or negligence of others.

If you have been Injured at Work, in a Car Accident, on Public Transport or at a public or private dwelling or are you may be entitled to compensation

Work Cover Legal Service Lysterfield

A worker can make a claim for work related injuries under the existing legislation, The Workplace Injury Rehabilitation Compensation Act.

Frequently an injured worker requires time off work due their injury and can be put on weekly payments supported by a physician’s certificate. The injured worker will more than likely also need medical and like expenditures and this application can be done at the exact same time of their initial WorkCover application.

If an injury is extreme you may be entitled to a lump sum payment pursuant to section 98a where the degree of problems will be calculated according to AMA Standards and determined upon evaluation.

Furthermore, if the injury is continuous and can no longer no work a serious injury application can be made where one will receive a further payment for compensation. All injury matters could potentially negotiated and settled prior to a Court Trial through mediation if settlement terms can be agreed to by all parties.

TAC Claims Legal Service Lysterfield

If you have actually been associated with a transport accident you may be entitled to settlement against the transport accident commission (TAC) such as weekly payments, medical and like costs and/or lump sum compensation.

Public Liability Legal Service Lysterfield

A person deserves to compensation for pain suffering and economic loss if he or she suffers an injury that took place at a public place and the owner or occupier of facilities was negligent at preserving a safe environment, an example would be slipping over at a shopping Centre due to water on the flooring. The injury will need to be examined and determined within AMA Standards and the person will have rights to settlement and can also get a further lump sum payment if there is a major injury certificate obtained.

Total Permanent Disability Legal Service Lysterfield

If you are Injured or sick and can no longer work you can apply for a TPD claim.
Many people will have a TPD Insurance coverage component as part of their superannuation policy (consult your superfund).

In order to qualify for the TPD Insurance benefit you will require to fulfill the superannuation’s requirements which can vary typically medical/doctors reports and supporting application, once you the claim has actually been approved you will be paid within 30-60 days.

Sexual Abuse Legal Service Lysterfield

A person who is victim to sexual assault or sexual harassment at work, school, church organisation, social group etc might be entitled to payment for discomfort and suffering and economic loss if they suffer physical injury and/or psychiatric impairment as outcome.

No Win No Fee Lawyers In Lysterfield

No Win No Fee legal services means you will just be charged our legal fee if the case is won.

We believe that no injured person needs to be denied access to justice because of their monetary circumstance. The No Win No Fee guarantee Hyman Lawyers has put in place belongs to our guarantee to you and is readily available on a series of legal services.

Our solicitors are specialists in running compensation claims and can encourage you of your rights and opportunities you can pursue under law.

What Claims Are Covered By Our No Win No Fee Lawyers In Lysterfield?

The Majority Of Hyman Lawyers’ legal services are eligible for No Win No Fee * representation, including:

  • Automobile claims law
  • Workplace compensation law
  • Public place compensation law
  • Personal compensation law
  • Professional negligence law
  • Class Actions
    Many more legal services

personal injury lawyer melbourneConditional Costs Agreement For No Win No Fee

You will be liable to pay to us legal expenses ONLY if there is a successful result of this matter. There is a successful result of this matter if you receive an amount of money after payment of all liabilities (including tax) that you incur in the matter to us and to any other individual consisting of any opposing party.

If there is a successful result you must pay us legal expenses inclusive of GST (Goods and Services Tax) pursuant to time charging or a fixed sum.

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