TPD and Insurance​​ claims

Injured or sick and cannot work?

Are you aware that you may be entitled to compensation under your superannuation policy or other insurance policies?

The circumstances under which you can make an insurance claim for TPD will vary depending on your policy of insurance, but in general a TPD claim can be made if:

  • You have ceased working as a result of a disease, accident, injury or illness;
  • On the balance of probabilities you are unlikely to return to your work duties as a result of this disease, accident, injury or illness;
  • You were under 65 years when you ceased work; and
  • You were a member of a Superannuation Fund at the time you ceased your employment and/or ill.

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Have you lost a loved one that you are financially dependent on?
During this sad and distressing time let us help you as you may be entitled to their super contributions and insurance benefits.
These insurance claims and benefits will ease the financial burden during a difficult period.

Have your TPD claim reviewed by our Firm today, we can also help you with your existing claim.

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